On Perfection of Life


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By St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, the Seraphic Doctor

‘De Perfectione Vitae’ or ‘Perfection of Life’ is a short instruction composed by the Seraphic Doctor Saint Bonaventure for the edification and Religious formation of the Poor Clares of Longchamp Abbey, Paris, a community founded by Saint Isabelle of France in 1255.

This work, addressed to the Mother Abbess, explains to her in detail the virtues and practices that must be evident in a Religious and devout Soul, especially in that of a Virgin espoused to Christ by Profession.

Though originally intended for Religious Nuns, the Virtues and Practices explained in this book can very fruitfully be applied by any devout soul striving to attain Perfection of Life.

Topics covered by St. Bonaventure include the virtues of Self-Knowledge, perfect Humility, the Remembrance of Christ’s Passion, Prayer, and others.

It seems to us that though this treatise was intended for a particular group of Poor Clares, the Holy Ghost on the other hand intended it for all the Faithful, since the simplicity, practicality, and depth of its contents cannot but prove itself a solid, tried and true foundation for all Christians striving to live a Perfect and Religious Life.

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