Hebdomada Sancta [2nd Edition]


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Our new Pre-1955 Holy Week book, prepared for use by the laity, is meant to provide the faithful with an immersive “Mass Companion” for each day in the ancient Holy Week. The  Ceremonies, compiled in a simple and orderly manner are accompanied by an in-depth Spiritual and Historical Commentary on the liturgy.


 This book includes the propers for each day in Holy Week along with the particular rubrics for its ceremonies and simple explanations to help the faithful understand the depth of meaning behind each liturgical action taking place before them.


  • Adrian Fortescue’s “The Rites of Holy Week”

  • Every day in Holy Week with Spiritual and Historical Commentary

  • Easter Sunday

  • Traditional Devotions for Mass & Holy Week

  • Pre-1955 Vigil of Pentecost

  • The Full Office of Tenebrae
  • Ceremonial Rubrics for each Liturgy

  • Beautiful Artwork Illustrations for each day

  Please see the previews above for an inside look at our illustrations and snippets of the book’s contents.


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